What is MOIS® and How Does it Work?

MOIS is a coconut-based, homogenous mulch material comprised of millions of capillary micro-sponges. It can hold up to seven times its weight in water and is 100% organic, which makes it extremely beneficial in agricultural and turf applications.

Since MOIS is primarily made from the fruit of the coconut husk, it is naturally rich in ingredients, and will hold and release nutrients in soil over extended periods of time without re-watering. MOIS is also fully biodegradable, enriching the soil much like peat or mulch, while retaining water.

  • Fresh water processed
  • Super washed
  • Stable pH: 5.7 - 6.2
  • EC: 0.4mS.cm (1:1.5 v/v)
  • Moisture content: 10-15%
  • Compression ratio: 5:1
  • Explosive root formation
  • Holds water like sponge
  • Excellent drainage
  • High cation exchange capacity (CEC)

Greener Planet. Greener Wallet.

See for yourself how MOIS® holds and releases water over extended periods of time, so you can keep the grass green and your wallet greener. Meet city codes and water rationing regulations and still have plenty of thick, green grass to wiggle your toes in.

Treated with MOIS®

Untreated grass

Water Conservation

MOIS fibers are among the most absorbent of mulching mediums, holding enough water to cut water application by up to 50% or more. The finer material forms a blanket under the grass canopy and regulates soil temperature while remaining porous for water and air movement.

100% Organic

MOIS fiber is made exclusively from organic coconuts, making it an all-natural, sustainable alternative to other effective methods of mulching, like peat moss. As it degrades, it adds nutrients and organic matter to the soil, creating a long-term fix to the soil’s natural water holding capabilities.

The MOIS® Process

MOIS is made from 100% pure organic coconuts, ground into ultra fine pieces. These are taken from the richest part of the coconut husk, because they contain the most sponge-like pores, nutrients and electrolytes. Once extracted, we put the organic mix through a rigorous triple-wash process, achieving perfect PH and EC levels. This makes MOIS the premier water retention and green-feeding product.

  • 50%

    Possible Water Savings

  • 250%

    Water Absorption

  • 0.4mS

    EC Level per cm

  • 6.0

    Average PH Level

Twice the green. Half the Water.

With its natural water retention and nutrient-rich aspects, MOIS® can be extremely beneficial for a multitude of commercial and residential outdoor projects. Here are just a few ways to put MOIS® to work for you.


MOIS is the perfect medium for cannabis growing techniques. It retains moisture and increases porosity in soil over 500%.

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Cannabis Image

Golf Courses

When you’re spending millions to keep the grass green, cutting your bill in half feels pretty OMG. MOIS’s revolutionary water retention saves up to 50% or more on water applications with a more efficient volitization of fertilizer, so it keeps the grass (and your wallet) greener than ever. Save beige for the bunkers.

Golf Courses Image

State & Local Government

Don’t let that city park start looking like an empty lot or sand dune. Treat the grass with MOIS to keep it thick and green at half the cost. Meet your water-restricting city ordinances, while preserving surrounding property values and your community outlook.

State & Local Government Image

Home Landscaping

With persistent droughts throughout the country, it is harder than ever, even illegal in some districts, to maintain a beautiful lawn. But with MOIS, you can keep your gardens green without breaching water restrictions. Plastic lawns costs up to $15 per sq. ft. Drought resistant plants are up to $9 per sq. ft. Compare to a beautiful lawn rototilled with MOIS for only $5-$6 per sq. ft.

Home Landscaping Image


MOIS is the perfect medium for hydroseeding techniques. proven to produce an unparalleled seed base that retains moisture and stimulates germination on slopes up to 65°. Imagine a hydroseed that goes 14 days with no water with a 70% stand — all without the need for costly sticking agents. Just spray it on, watch it grow and flourish. It’s that simple.

Case Studies

Case Study Image

Stoneridge Country Club

Stoneridge Country Club had been experiencing severe drought conditions for nearly two years. Due to heavy water restrictions, they were not able to water the course frequently enough to keep the grass green.

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Case Study Image

Starridge Park

Starridge Park was suffering from the same drought and water restrictions as the rest of Southern California, causing unsightly brown spots and bare patches in a highly utilized community park. The heavy water restrictions and extreme heat put the city in a position where they were not able to provide the amount of water necessary to keep the park green.

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  • 10lb Bag

    • 100% Inclusion Rate 70 sq. ft.
    • 50% Inclusion Rate 140 sq. ft.
  • 14.38lb Bag

    • 100% Inclusion Rate 100 sq. ft.
    • 50% Inclusion Rate 200 sq. ft.
  • 550lb Bag

    • 100% Inclusion Rate 3850 sq. ft.
    • 50% Inclusion Rate 7,700 sq. ft.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Apply MOIS® to a Large Area?

    We recommend using a drop spreader and leaving a 1-inch opening at the bottom. Gandy makes a drop spreader model we have found particularly effective.

  • What is the Best Way to Use MOIS®?

    At minimum, till the top 2-3 inches of soil before reseeding. Aerate roughly 8-10 holes per sq. foot and sweep MOIS into the holes.

  • Can I Mix MOIS® with Regular Soil?

    Absolutely. Nurseries and landscapers can combine ordinary soil with MOIS to reap the benefits of our product’s moisture retaining and growth accelerating properties. MOIS benefits potted plants too!

  • How Much Water Can I Expect to Save?

    If you apply MOIS at a 100% inclusion rate, you can expect to reduce watering by up to 50%. That means you only need to use half as much water to get the desired effect of normal watering.

  • How Long Does One Application of MOIS® Last?

    With a 100% inclusion rate, we have found that sod farmers can harvest grass up to 6 times before an additional application is necessary.

  • Can MOIS® Be Used in Hydro Seeding?

    Yes. Our product creates a solid seed base that retains moisture and accelerates the rate of germination.

  • Does MOIS® Carry an Odor?

    MOIS doesn’t carry any odor and is so absorbent, it can actually help absorb other odors.

  • Is MOIS® Safe Around Children and Pets?

    MOIS is 100% organic, so it’s 100% safe around children and pets.