What Can MOIS Do for My Plants?

MOIS® guarantees PH and EC levels and does 2 specific things:

  • It increases porosity in soil from .4 to 2.2 - a 550% increase! This accounts for tremendous root uptake and quicker growth, increased production and healthier plants. View Lab Results
  • It also cuts your water usage up to 50%. Our Growers are using mixing ratios from 25-30% on average all the way up to 50% depending on your need to save water.

We are ready to supply you with our patented product that will make you more successful.

Take a look at this case study from one of our growers
(click to enlarge images)

Week 1

4 inch clones planted with MOIS®

Week 2

Plants moved to 1 gallon pots

Week 3

3-4 gallon pots planted 7 to 10 days after 1 gallon plant

Week 8

3.5 feet tall plants

Week 9

4 foot tall plants

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