Starridge Park

Starridge Park was suffering from the same drought and water restrictions as the rest of Southern California, causing unsightly brown spots and bare patches in a highly utilized community park. The heavy water restrictions and extreme heat put the city in a position where they were not able to provide the amount of water necessary to keep the park green.

In the summer of 2015, a 45-day test was conducted in a section of the park where the moisture levels could easily be compared to the untreated areas. The test section was aerated and MOIS was applied. Watering continued on both the treated and untreated areas at the amounts allowable under the severe water restrictions.

After just one week, the test area showed significantly better water retention levels over dirt alone and steadily increased over the course of the study:

Day 1 – MOIS treated area the same water retention as dirt alone

Day 7 – MOIS treated area 14% better water retention than dirt

Day 14 – MOIS treated area 25% better water retention than dirt

Day 21 – MOIS treated area 35% better water retention than dirt

Day 28 – MOIS treated area 48% better water retention than dirt

Day 45 – MOIS treated area 56% better water retention than dirt

At the conclusion of the 45-day test, the MOIS treated area remained green and lush, even with 100+ degree temperatures and severe water restrictions. The untreated area was full of dying grass and bare spots. The test area was the only green section of the entire park, which became the only area the community used.